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B-snug was born when energy giants Shell joined forces with PassivSystems to push the use of Smart hybrid home heating systems, these systems use a combination of the traditional boiler and an air source heat pump lowering the use of oil or LPG. After completing an initial strategy session and naming workshop the B-snug brand was created.

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Turning up the heat


Coming out the gates with nothing to its name the race was on to build the brand from the ground up. Using the findings from the initial meetings a host of collateral was cooked up for the brand's launch at the Newbury show just two weeks later.
Pithy Studios London B-snug vehicle wrap Design
Pithy Studios London energy company brand guidelines
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All wrapped up


Building a brand on a tight time scale is always a squeeze but with great communication and quick decision making anything is possible. B-Snug was one of those rare projects that needed to talk the language of both B2B (to get the right contractors onboard) as well as B2C (to get the good folk of rural England to make the switch) to succeed.

A friendly but informative approach was applied to appeal to both sides. We wanted the tone to be knowledgeable but not confusing and used illustrations where possible to ensure everything was digestible and easy to understand. The key to success for this project was having all our ducks in a row at the beginning. A strong strategy and all parties in the alignment with what they wanted to achieve.

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