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Regency Grove
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove branding banner
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Creating that eureka moment


The Problem:

Regency Grove was a newly formed company when they knocked on our metaphorical door to create their brand identity. While this was an exciting time it was empirical we got the right look so they could hit the ground running with their new venture. The brief was short and sweet, they wanted something that would be taken seriously and incorporated the letters from the name in some way.

The Solution: 

After completing initial rounds of research into the industry and a bit more digging into what Regency Grove would radiate as a brand (a professional and premium service provider) three directions were presented. Like any good designer (or parent) would tell you, we definitely didn’t have a favourite... but one design did feel like we’d hit the eureka moment when creating it and unfortunately enough the client agreed. 

Creation process
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove branding development
It all started with the custom letter ‘G’
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove branding development
Which was sliced to bring in the ‘R’
 Pithy Studios London Regency Grove branding development
Refined to ensure the ‘R’ was the first read
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove branding development
Voila! Another simple and clean logomark
Logo Lock ups
Regency Grove logo lockupPithy Studios London Regency Grove Logo Design
Our Work

Talking the talk & walking the walk.

Now that we had the face developed for the company it was important that the brand look flowed throughout the rest of the collateral, and bringing the brand visuals together as one suite.
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove Pitch deck design
Pithy Studios London Regency Grove Logo Design and Collateral
Our Work

Cemented in time


Projects like this are the ones that get us up in the morning. Not having the foggiest how the final article will look, to begin with, but through faith in our process and trusting the answers it brings to light that eureka moment will happen. The start of the process is always the scariest with so many unknowns but also the most exciting!

The benefit of bringing Pithy on board is that we come with an open mind, allowing us to apply a fresh approach to the problem, offering up unique and memorable solutions. The dangers of only working within one industry are it can often box you into thinking of only one approach. If this sounds familiar and you’re looking for a way to break out of a saturated market drop us a message today and let’s collaborate.

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