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Over the years Spin Brands has rebranded a few times to align with the sort of clients they work with and this time was no different. Initially starting out aiming at mum & pop startups, the company has transitioned over time and needed a new identity to speak with the SMEs they were now looking to work with.

The new branding took a bolder approach and focused on a unique logotype, honing in on the name ‘spin’ as the company had become more commonly known. 'Brands' then took a step back, sitting under the logo, as their company needed a system that could be expanded. A magenta speech bubble was also incorporated into the design, reflecting their knack for always getting the conversation going.




Pithy Studios London Spin Brands Branding

Not just a
pretty face.

Besides the branding work for Spin, a large scope of collateral was also produced including internal employee handbooks, pitch decks, magazine ads and numerous other documents to support the operation of the business.
Pithy Studios London Spin Brand Social media creativePithy Studios London Spin Brands Pitch Deck
Pithy Studios London Spin Brands Social media banner creative
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