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If you know, you know


The Active Kollection (TAK for short) came to us in search of a brand identity that would speak to an active male audience who only sought out the best-in-class products, and guiding them to the business dedicated to sourcing exactly that. The brief was simple: create an elite brand that is exclusive to the people in the know.

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The main logo is an acronym of the brand name, meticulously designed to only reveal parts of the letter: creating a sense of exclusivity and 'if you know, you know' - something the founders wanted to communicate in reference to their carefully selected product lines.

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The thunderbird was inspired by the legendary creature in North American native mythology, believed to chase away negative energy - much how the client's audience uses exercise to release these feelings today. The icon also echoes how communities can converge on similar beliefs, giving the brand a secondary icon that their fans can resonate with.  

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Creating brands where people belong.

Once the face of the company had been created, the attention turned to the rest of the brand’s touch points. The minimal colour palette and clean lines were used throughout the collateral to create a modern and clean visual identity.
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Crossing the finish line


Once the brand identity had been finalised, the styling was then expanded across the brand's collateral including social media ads, packaging and other merchandise. The tone of voice was kept the same throughout and inline with the minimal, masculine feel that uphold the brands premium aesthetic.

Overall, The Active Kollection has carved out a unique position for itself in the sportswear market by representing a small number of premium brands in one place, creating the Mr Porter of activewear. The branding had to represent this and communicate the same premium feel of the products, all the while keeping the exclusive nature of the brand that the founders wanted in tact.

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