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Here at Pithy we specialise in putting your company's best foot forward when it comes to your audience's first touch point. That’s why we’ve focused in on the visuals that matter most and the ones that represent your brand on a daily basis.


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After helping launch and run the design arm of what became the UK’s #1 Social Media agency we like to think we know a thing or two about social creative. With years of working with companies both mega and small behind us, we've got some tricks up our sleeve for getting your audience talking about what really matters: that's you.
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We’ve found that it can really help to talk through what your aims and objectives are and take a step back to review what already exists. Having a clear plan of what you’re hoping to achieve and addressing the problems early on makes it a lot easier to solve them.
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Working out what, where and when to post can be tricky but a deeper give into your industry and target audience can tell you a lot. Pairing this with the right questions and a fresh perspective can produce a plan that puts you on the path to success.
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At Pithy we have a host of experience creating everything from animated or static creative for ads and organic social, to pushing your latest product launch with supporting giphy stickers and AR filters. Contact us for more information.



Design for your people.

Normally this is where you expect to see a list of things the agency can do, most of which are half a mile long. We aren't that type of agency. In short, yes we can do almost anything, but we opted to spearhead our skills to make the most effective impact for your company.
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We impartiality review your brand’s footprint on your industry, provide feedback on your business performance, and suggest improvements and opportunities for areas of visual development.
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It’s all well and good knowing where the areas to improve are, but without an action plan, it can be a tricky and often expensive journey getting there. Don’t leave things to chance; instead let’s build a road map to get you to your destination.
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Build from the ground up. We are here to make sure your business speaks to the right people, so let your visual language do the talking. We help with everything from naming to logo creation, ensuring you can make your mark with a memorable visual trademark.
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Identity expands beyond just the logo and it’s important to have all elements of your business speaking the same language. Don’t worry, we are on hand to help with everything from POS units and packaging to vehicle wraps and exhibition design.